Billy Angel Ultra package :)

1pc of cake + 2 macarons + 2 cups of Americano + Billy Angel Limited Edition eco bag

Don’t miss your chance to get a limited-edition eco bag with your cake by getting a Billy Angel Ultra Package.


  1. Pick your piece from our most popular cakes which are Milk Crepe, Grapefruit Cake, Chocolat Bonbon, and Galaxy Cake. *These options cannot be substituted.

  2. Pick your two favorite macaron flavors out of all eight flavors we have.

  3. Americano can be served either Iced or Hot.

  4. Billy Angel Limited Edition eco bags can run out early.

  5. This event is only available at The First Gangnam Station, Daehangno, The Fifth store Gangnam Station, Giheung AK Mall, Sadang Station, Gangnam 358, Bundang Seohyeon, Kyodae, Gangnam Kyobo, Itaewon, Yeouido Samsung Life Insurance Co., SeoYeouido, Yongsang Ipark Mall, Sunae Station, Gwanghwamun, Yeonsinnae, Myeongdong, Kyobo Hapjeong.

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