"Billy Angel is different" In all honesty, serving clean food with HACCP certificate

In 2016, Billy Angel was approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety as a HACCP-certified bakery brand. With a large scale of factories and its professional expertise in desserts Billy angel was able to obtain HACCP certification which is very uncommon for Korean dessert franchise market. Currently, R&D investments in hygiene and sanitation levels of the products bring all researchers in Billy Angel to provide the perfect and the purest form of cakes to dessert markets.

Its joint venture with POSCO and several Japanese food processing machinery companies have completed production automation for dessert hygiene management. Moreover, Billy Angel is the only bakery brand ever had patents for Crepe manufacturing in South Korea. Billy angel’s lavish investment for hygiene control and its innovative manufacturing system is linked to acquiring know-how to provide fresher and healthier cakes to market.

Billy Angel’s HACCP Certification approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug safety is recognized system that uses a preventive approach that controls for biological, physical and chemical hazards in entire food production.

Jeongeun Choi a hygienist of Billy Angel hygienic quality team said “since cakes and breads are food products people consume every day, it is the most important thing to secure its food safety at production level”

Billy Angel is using its most systematic and scientific HACCP certification in order to manage their product quality the best. In September, Billy angel will offer customers an opportunity to tour their factories to appeal them with Billy Angel’s food safety management.

Original source : http://www.anewsa.com/detail.php?number=1364164&thread=10r02

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