Dessert Cafe Billy Angels, Community Service···Gyeonggi Provincial Citation

Billy Angel received the Gyeonggi Provincial Citation for recognition of his contribution to the community service event held in Gyeonggi Provincial Assembly on December 4, as donation and sponsorship of the community.

The event was attended by Lee Jung-ung, Anyang, Mayor Lee Jong-kwang, Vice Governor of Gyeonggi-do, Gyeonggi Provincial Government, and Chairman of the Gyeonggi Provincial Council.

Since 2014, Billy Angel has been producing and selling dessert and bakery products at 600m2 size factory in Gumpo, Anyang. Since 2014, it has been selected as a representative small and medium-sized company in Gyeonggi Province was awarded a prize. Mr. Kim Jonghyun CEO of Billy Angel and 179 all employees joined the donation and gave joyous service. The CEO said “I am very honorable to receive the award and will keep donating in silence.

Billy Angel started in 2012, as a small store in Hongik University, but now it has grown into a famous confectionery bakery business that sells one piece per second.

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