Billy Angel 358 Flagship store open!

Have been thinking about this for a long time, and found small accessories and interior decoration from my favorite followers from Instagram. Collected all the information and thought deeply about how we could present the store with beautiful items. At the end, we came with an idea to make a store that has good durability and can be maintained for a long time. We want everyone to use it easily and conveniently at low cost. (Where Billy Angel is located is a popular place!)

Although the budget was tough and the cost of the construction was negligible, still we have completed 358 Billy Angel with firm determination (Thanks to our CEO).

Every illustration to pop art in store is good looking.

Illustrated with silk wallpaper and decorated with pendant.

There is a secret room in 358 store, but cannot open it (Actually they are for staffs)

Billy Angel cookie bar (50% discount every Friday to Sunday).

Come now and feel 358 galleries for yourse



Gangnam Tower, Billy Angel 358, Gangnam dong Road 104 Seoul.

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