Alexis BOUILLET Collaboration orange cake

The collaboration between Billy Angels and Alexis chef was made possible with the help of Remy Cointreau, a group of renowned brands such as Cognac and Remy Martin.

Remy Cointreau

Q; what is Remy Cointreau?

Remy Cointreau is one of popular Cognac brand which has famous Centaurus logo. It is a company to make and sell one of the best Cognac and liquors. It was established in1724 and continues to develop in France which became representative company.

Remy Cointreau Brand promotion video

Q; what is the relationship between Billy Angel and Liquid Corporation.

Billy Angel became the first confectionery and Bakery Company in Asia to sign business agreement with Remy Cointreau. One of the most important ingredients in dessert is Cognac and Cointreau.

During the making process, most of the alcohol is carried in the air, leaving only the distinctive flavor.

Therefore, the taste of the dessert is depended on good or bad ingredients.

Billy Angel has been using Remy Cointreau for years, and Cognac and Cointreau are closely linked with Bakery, and dessert.

Q; why did Remy Cointreau helped Billy Angel with MOU?

Billy Angel and Remy Cointreau successfully wrote MOU (Mutual Business Conversation) at April. This means a lot, unlike in Korea MOU contracts are extremely rare in Europe, and it is very unusual for supporting and developing both companies. Billy Angel is the only Asian company that has signed a business agreement.

Therefore, we plan to continuously exchange special materials, recipes, and alternate with famous chefs from Remy Cointreau.

Q; A simple history of Chef Alexis BOUILLET

CHEF DE PARTIE (Christophe Michalak Chef, CHEF DE PARTIE Champion 2005)

PASTRY SOUS CHEF (With Chef Frank Haasnoot, World Chocolate Master 2011)

(Frank Haasnoot, World Chocolate Master 2011 Champion)

Serbotel Competition: Showpiece in 2006 (Serbotel Competition:: 2006 Champion)

Worldskills Competition: World Pastry Champion in 2011 (World Pastry Champion)

2 MICHELIN STARS (GASTRONOMIQUE RESTAURANT) Dessert Chef and General Supervisor.

Product development and restaurant desserts

"V"- 2 MICHELIN STARS 2 (MICHELIN GUIDE) Product development and restaurant desserts


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Q. Explanation about Alexis BOUILLET’s Orange Caramel Cake.

The most famous cake in Billy Angel is crepe. Orange crepe is made by Alexis Chef and does not use the usual cream. He uses rapid-action spinning machine to remove the cream from the milk, then mix the milk and twist it through again to make the special cream, it makes the cream deeper than the original flavor. It also uses vanilla and the best eggs for baking. Orange crepes are more creamy and sour than the original crepes. The true tastes of moist and tasty crepes are the taste of one layers folded peel, and if you feel the taste of Orange cream slowly, you can feel that you are in heaven.

Brix- Medium

Taste- Orange creamy crepe flavor with milk flavor

Texture- super soft

Matching tea- Milk tea, Earl Gray tea.

Q. Explanation about Alexis BOUILLET’s Orange Caramel Cake

We use the name “sculpture of sunlight” or “Golden Cointreau cake”

Alex BOUILLET’s used this cake recipe and won the World CHEF DE PARTIE. There are 6 different flavors from cream, sheet and sand. (1. Orange 2. Vanilla 3. Coconut 4. Milk 5. Caramel 6. Custard White Chocolate) This cake is for people who are new to dessert and those who do not often enjoy it. The orange flavor is sweet, and the sheet is very moist and texture. Especially, the orange color is artificial and stimulates the customers’ appetite. The cake does not have hardness or stickiness like other ones, and it has enough flavors to enjoy a refreshing taste to everyone.

Q. What is Cointreau?

Cointreau is an orange based liqueur that adds a great flavor to bakery products. It is the most concentrated orange natural product, and it is used as a cake material and has a rich, natural flavor.

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