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Carrot Cake

Chewy and delicious cake filled with carrot, pecan, and cinnamon powder, and garnished with sweet fresh cream and cream cheese.

Size-1 : 32,000₩ / Size-2 : 40,000₩ / Size-4 : 57,000₩


Chocolat Bonbon

Moist chocolate flaored cake filled with ganache and sweet fresh cream.

Size 1 : 35,000₩ / Size-4 : 60,000₩


Red Velvet Cake

Chocolate sponge made of red cacao and filled with cream cheese.

Size-1 : 30,000₩ / Size-2 : 40,000₩ / Size-4 : 57,000₩


Milk Crepe

Popular cake in which very thinly baked crepes are layered to give the taste of soft milk custard cream.

Size-2 : 41,000₩ / Size-4 : 60,000₩

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