​Billy Angel Flagship Store

We opened Billy Angel & Loui Ruth's flagship store in 2017. The 1st floor is Loui Ruth’s, 2nd to 3rd floors are Billy Angel and 4th floor is used as a baking studio along with 5th and 6th floors which are used as Seoul office of Billy Angel.

It is a flagship store for dessert that is famously known to be popular and the best-looking place in Itaewon.

Billy Angel & Loui Ruth's

Loui Ruth’s Bakery 1st floor


​Billy Angel & Loui Ruth's

Billy Angel’s another bakery café, Loui Ruth’s, is located on the 1st floor. Loui Ruth’s is a danish bread and belgium waffle specialty store. Also, you can enjoy brunch, pancake, and other dishes as well. Billy Angel’s special bakery café, Loui Ruth’s, are located in Itaewon, Hapjeong, Apgujeong, and SFC mall.